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Since 1999
Protect your purchase with a Nationwide Auto Warranty for less than it costs to insure your vehicle. With greater risk of mechanical break-down vs. collision or theft, we give you the added peace of mind against unexpected costly repairs.



Protection Packages

Added security against the unexpected twists and turns along the road of vehicle ownership.
Simply The Best
Zero Deductible
Electric Vehicles
Hybrid Vehicles
Differential/Transfer Case
Major Seals & Gaskets (not available on vehicles over 200,000 kms)
Powertrain PLUS
Roadside Assistance
Car Rental
Trip Interruption
Air Conditioning
Steering System
Braking System
Electrical System
Electronic High Tech
Cooling + Heating
Fuel System
Suspension (not available over 100,000 kms)
Body Interior
Navigation and Bluetooth
Advanced High Tech
$100 Deductible per claim
 For vehicles still under
factory powertrain warranty
= optional
= standard feature
= covered by manufacturer
For vehicles up to 180,000 kms
For vehicles up to 225,000 kms
For vehicles up to 120,000 kms
For vehicles still under factory powertrain warranty
*Please refer to your contract for specific coverage details.

Detailed Component Coverage

= optional
= standard feature
= covered by manufacturer

COVERAGE PLANS Powertrain Essentials Premium Top-Up Simply the Best
ENGINE Cylinder Block
Cylinder Heads
Connecting Rods & Bearings
Crankshaft & Bearings
Camshaft & Bearings
Cam Followers
Timing Chain, Gears, Guides Tensioners
Rocker Arms, Shafts, Bushings
Cylinder Head Valves, Guides, Lifters, Springs
Push Rods
Oil Pump & Housing
Harmonic Balancer
Metal Valve Covers
Water Pump
Timing Cover      
Intake Manifold      
Engine Mounts      
Cam Phazer / VVT      
Electric Motor  
Reduction Drive  
Electric Generator  
(Batteries Not Covered)          
TRANSMISSION Transmission Case
Torque Converter
Valve Body
Gear Sets
Main & Intermediate Shafts
Oil Pump
Synchronizer Rings
Electronic Shift Control Unit      
Shift Control Sensors      
Transmission Cooler      
Transmission Mounts      
(Clutch Components Not Covered)          
Housing & Internal Parts
Wastegate Controller
Clutch & Pulley
Bypass Valve
Housing & Internal Parts
Main Shafts
Crown & Pinion
Pinion Gears
Ring Gear
Constant Velocity Shafts
Differential Mounts      
Drive Axle      
Locking Hubs      
Drive Shafts      
Centre Support Bearings      
Universal Joints      
Wheel Bearings      
Four Wheel Drive Actuator      
SEALS & GASKETS Front & Rear Main Engine Seals
Cylinder Head Gaskets
Intake Manifold Gaskets
Front & Rear Transmission Seals
Pinion Seals
Axle Seals
Seals & Gaskets used to Contain Fluids &
Lubricants within Covered Components
STEERING Rack & Pinion    
Power Steering Pump & Pulley    
Fluid Reservoir    
Hydraulic Lines    
Steering Gear    
Intermediate Shafts    
Pitman Arms    
Idler Arms    
Centre Link    
Steering Knuckles / Spindles    
Steering Box    
Tie Rod Ends        
Drag Link        
Steering Dampener        
Upper & Lower Steering Column Shafts        
Internal Tilt Wheel Mechanism        
Rear Wheel Steering        
Electronic Power Cylinder & Pump        
Electronic Control Unit / Solenoid        
Control Valve        
Factory Installed
OEM Only:
Navigation System        
Clutch Assembly & Pulley
Accumulator / Receiver Dryer
Refrigerant Lines        
Belt Tensioner & Idler Pulley        
High / Low Compressor Cut Off Switch        
Expansion Valve        
Pressure Cycling Switch        
Orifice Tube        
BODY INTERIOR Manual / Automatic Shift Lever        
Shift Lever Sub Assembly        
Window Regulators        
Glove Box Lock Mechanism        
Child Safety Door Lock Mechanism        
Hood & Hatch Supports        
BRAKING Master Cylinder    
Assist Booster    
Proportioning Valves    
Wheel Cylinders    
Front & Rear Calipers    
Flex Lines    
Hydro Boost        
Compensating Valve        
Hydraulic Control Unit        
Wheel Speed Sensor        
Hydraulic Pump / Motor        
Fuel Pump        
Fuel Injection Pump & Injectors        
Fuel Tank Sending Unit        
Fuel Level Sensor        
All Advanced High Tech items must be OEM Factory Installed          
DVD Player        
Back Up Camera        
Ultrasonic Parking Sensors        
Power Folding Mirror Motor & Switch        
Power Tailgate Motor & Switch        
Blind Spot Detection        
Heated Seat Elements        
Power Sliding Door Motor        
Blend Door Motors        
ELECTRICAL Starter Motor & Solenoid
Electronic Ignition Module    
Front Windshield Wiper Motor    
Washer Pump Motor & Switch    
Heater Motor / Fan    
Engine Wiring Harness        
Transmission Wiring Harness        
Crank Angle Sensor        
Cam Sensor        
Knock Sensor        
Ignition Switch & Lock Cylinder        
Oil Pressure Switch        
Stop Lamp Switch        
Turn Signal Switch        
Head Lamp Switch        
Heater / AC Blower Speed Switch        
Manual Heater / AC Control Head        
BCM / TIPM        
Electronic Brake Control Module  
Instrument Cluster  
Door Lock Actuator & Switches  
Power Window Motors & Switch  
Power Seat Motors & Switch  
Electronic Trunk Release & Actuator  
Directional Mirrors & Switches  
Sunroof Motor  
Convertible Top Motor  
Cruise Control Module & Switch  
Ignition Coil        
Air Fuel / Oxygen Sensor        
ECM / PCM / ECU        
Rear Defogger Switch        
Engine Cooling Fan & Motor        
Fan Clutch        
Belt Tensioner        
Heater Core        
Blower Motor        
Hot Water Valve        
SUSPENSION Upper & Lower Control Arms        
Upper & Lower Ball Joints        
Radius Arm / Bushings        
Torsion Bars / Bushings        
Stablizer Links / Bushings        
Air Suspension Compressor, Control        
Module, Actuator, Solenoid, Height Sensor        
*Please refer to your contract for specific coverage details.

Corrosion & Perforation Extended Warranty

The last thing you want to worry about is unsightly rust caused by Canada’s fluctuating weather and road conditions. From sub-zero temperatures and heavily salted roads in the winter to sun damage and dust in the summer, these conditions are tough on the exterior body of your vehicle and can cause both corrosion and perforation. Unfortunately, vehicle manufacturers only warrant these surfaces for a limited time, if at all.

NationWide’s Corrosion and Perforation Warranty offers you peace of mind with a 200,000 km, no time limit coverage for surface rust and perforating rust to vehicle exterior.

  • No application, reapplication or inspection
  • No gunk, blobs, overspray, dripping, drilling, outdated application techniques, health concerns or environmental harm
  • Longer coverage than spray on or module systems
  • Stone chip protection (if rust is caused by stone chips you are covered!)
  • Does not hinder, interfere or void manufacturer’s warranty
  • Modern protection for modern vehicles
  • Fully guaranteed and insured
*Some conditions apply, please refer to the contract.


GAP Protection Plan

GAP Insurance is one of those expenses that seems like a waste of money until you need it.

Unless you have suffered the total loss of a vehicle through either collision or theft, you may be unfamiliar with GAP Protection, how it works and how much it could ultimately save you. In fact, the moment you drive a vehicle off of the dealership, your primary auto insurance is likely inadequate and won’t protect you properly in the event of a total loss as it’s designed to pay current cash value to the respective lender - not the loan balance. Unfortunately, the difference could be thousands of dollars and leaves the customer to pay a substantial, unforeseen expense out of pocket. If you invest in GAP Protection, the insurer pays the difference, not you.

The average new vehicle loses 30% of its’ value the first year. By year three, that loss in value will be close to 50%, says Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor at, an auto data provider.

GAP Insurance Protection Benefits:

  • Policies underwritten to loan amount of $125,000
  • Covers the "gap" in your insurance settlement up to $40,000
  • Coverage to 150% of Canadian Black Book (Retail)
  • Coverage from 24 to 96 months on loan term
  • Negative Equity, Fees, and Taxes are all included in Loan Amount
  • Pay a $500 loyalty credit on your next vehicle purchase*
  • Protect your credit rating
  • Purchase price on new vehicles includes PDI and freight
  • Covers insurance deductible (maximum $1,000)

Who should buy it?

If you own your car outright or have a lot of equity in it, you don’t need GAP insurance. Bill Pearse, Vice President of Auto Product Strategy and Design for Travelers Insurance, says “Anybody who has an auto loan or lease and hasn’t put a significant amount down should buy GAP insurance.”
You're a strong candidate for GAP insurance if you:
  • Lease a vehicle.
  • Finance a vehicle.
  • Put less than 20% down.
  • Roll negative equity from your trade in vehicle into a new vehicle loan.
  • Drive more than the average 24,000 km annually.
  • Purchase a vehicle with a history of high depreciation rates.
*Subject to limitations. All rights with respect to the benefits of the covered borrower will be governed solely by the contractual policy.


Loan Guard Protection

  • Accidental Death
  • Accidental Disability Insurance
  • Loss of Employment
Available to age 65 and coverage terminates at 66 (no refunds at age 66)
  • Maximum Term of coverage is 84 months, but not longer than the term of the loan/lease.
  • Up to $18,000 Accidental Death
    • Benefit is the lower of the balance of the loan at claim time or $18,000.
  • Up to $750/mo Accidental Disability
    • Benefit is the lower of the monthly payment on the loan/lease or $750.
    • Maximum benefit payout is 8 months.
    • 30-day non-retroactive waiting period.
  • Up to $750/mo Involuntary Unemployment
    • Benefit is the lower of the monthly payment on the loan/lease or $750.
    • Maximum Benefit payout is 8 months.
  • If your coverage expires, and you get a new loan/lease, then you can get another policy
*Some conditions apply, please refer to the contract.


Theft Protection Plan

Coverage to suit your needs!

In the event of a vehicle theft, we will pay you $2500 towards your next purchase. We pay an additional $2500 if you return to the original selling dealer. When your primary insurance company pays, so do we. The contract term is 60 months.


*Some conditions apply, please refer to the contract.



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Protect your purchase with a NationWide Auto Warranty for less than it costs to insure your vehicle. With greater risk of mechanical break-down vs. collision or theft, we give you the added peace of mind against unexpected costly repairs on the second biggest expenditure after your house.

As the Industry leader in warranty products, NationWide Auto Warranty Corporation is recognized by UCDA, OMVIC and other Provincial governing bodies in Canada.

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