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Nationwide Auto Warranty



Top-Up Warranty

For vehicles still under factory powertrain warranty (up to either 100,000 km or 160,000 km).

  • Zero Deductible
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Towing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Car Rental
  • Trip Interruption
  • Electrical System
  • Steering System
  • Braking System
  • $3500 per claim
  • Electronic High Tech
  • Powertrain PLUS
  • $5000 per claim (Optional)


NAW will reimburse up to $50. per occurrence to a maximum of $250: Winching service, Battery boosting service, Emergency fuel delivery, Flat tire service and Vehicle entry service (locksmith services).


NAW shall reimburse the customer up to a maximum of $50. per occurrence for towing expenses incurred due to a breakdown covered in this Agreement. A valid towing receipt must be submitted for reimbursement.

AIR CONDITIONING (Major Component)

Compressor, clutch assembly and pulley, condenser, evaporator and accumulator. (Seals are not covered)


NAW shall reimburse the Customer for car rental expenses incurred due to a breakdown covered under this Agreement.


NAW shall reimburse the Customer up to $150. maximum with a $50. maximum per day for lodging, meals, bus or taxi, if a Customer is more than 150 kilometres away from home (one way) and an authorized NAW Repair Centre cannot provide "same day" emergency service covered under this Agreement. Valid receipts will be required for reimbursement.


Starter motor and solenoid, alternator, electronic ignition, module (excluding computer system), windshield wiper motors, washer pump motors, heater motors and fan, horn assembly.


Rack and pinion, power steering pump and pulley, fluid reservoir, hydraulic lines, steering gear, main and intermediate shafts, pitman arms, idler arms, centre link, steering knuckles (spindles), cooler and lines.


Master cylinder, assist booster, proportioning valves, wheel cylinders, front and rear calipers, hard lines and fittings, fles lines.


Starter, Alternator, Waterpump and CV Joints (not available on Limited Warranties)


Nationwide Auto Warranty will pay up to $3500 per claim with a maximum total liability to the purchase price of the covered vehicle.

Electronic HighTech (excluding all sensors) (included in Top-Up Warranty)

The following Electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS) components: electronic brake control module, accumulators and pressure modulator valve assembly; electronic ignition computer control modules, fuel injection computer control modules, cruise control servo, transducer and cable, digital dash instrumentation including: speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel, oil, temperature, thermometer readout and voltage displays, power door lock actuator motor and switches, power window motors, power seat motors, power antenna, electronic trunk release, actuator, exterior mirror motors, sunroof motor and top motors.